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About Dynage


Dynage's history dates back to 1959 when Dynage was incorporated in the State of Connecticut.

Over the period 1959 to 1983, Dynage was engaged in the manufacture of dc power supplies, precision voltage references, and industrial control products and systems, with headquarters and plant facilities in Hartford, CT, then Bloomfield, CT and then East Hartford, CT.

In 1983, Oakleaf, Inc. was founded and headquartered in Cromwell, CT.  Oakleaf purchased the control products portion of  Dynage, Inc. in December 1983, including the Logic & I/O products, the 8000 Series products (microprocessor-based), and the Flame Scanner products; and manufactured and marketed these products under the Dynage Controls name.  Flame scanner products designed for large fossil-fired power generation boilers of Combustion Engineering (now ABB) design have been exported by Dynage to India companies and Electricity Boards in India over the last 15 years.

In 1984, Oakleaf, Inc. purchased the remaining dc power supply and other products portion of Dynage, Inc., including the D Series, H Series, L Series, and Q Series catalog dc power supply product lines; and manufactured and marketed these and other custom designs under the Dynage Power name.  In 1986, Oakleaf, Inc. purchased a facility in Canistota, SD (near Sioux Falls) to manufacture transformers.

In 1987, Oakleaf moved its headquarters and all manufacturing activities to expanded facilities in Canistota, SD (near Sioux Falls).  Since 1987 many additional products have been developed and manufactured as indicated by the other pages of this web site.

In 2010, Oakleaf, Inc. was dissolved following the death of its founder and CEO, Sidney Oakleaf. Support  and repair for Dynage's existing product line and new product design is being handled by Philip Dooley on a contract basis.  Philip Dooley was chief engineer for Dynage for over 30 years.

Recent Status at Dynage Power & Magnetics

The current products are shown on the "Products" page of Dynage Power & Magnetics and the "Products" page of Dynage Electronics & Controls of this web site.

Recent focus has been on the development of higher technology products, including switch-mode regulated battery charger products with higher output ratings, battery charger products with programmable microprocessor-based control of the charge algorithms, power electronics units for wind turbine generators, special high voltage products, and other specialty products to provide a suitable level of manufacturing activity for the local USA manufacturing facilities.  Some examples are:

  • Battery charger family using a programmable microprocessor with proprietary Dynage software code to charge NiMH and NiCd battery systems with voltages ranging from 6 cells in series (7.2v) to 60 cells in series (72v).  These chargers are switch-mode regulated and are used for a wide range of applications, including power tools.  This charger design is such that the charge algorithm can be easily changed to accommodate specific customer desires and requirements, including selection of various methods of backup termination of fast charge phase during charging process.  Also, with appropriate new software code, additional models of battery chargers can be readily made available for charging of other battery chemistries with sophisticated charging algorithms, including lithium ion, lithium ion polymer, lead acid (of all types), and other battery chemistries over the same range of battery system voltages.

  • High powered, switch-mode regulated battery chargers for portable temperature-controlled containers, electric vehicles, and other similar applications.  This charger design is such that the charge algorithm can be easily changed to accommodate various battery chemistries and battery system voltages.

  • Power electronics unit for a 10 KW wind turbine generator to provide power tracking control and battery charging control for charging a 120 volt lead acid battery system.

  • Power electronics unit for a 7 KW wind turbine generator to provide power tracking control and battery charging control for charging a 48 volt lead acid battery system.

  • High voltage power supply, and associated operator control circuitry, which provides an adjustable output voltage from 30,000 to 100,000 vdc to ionize powder paint particles for industrial powder painting systems. 

The division also locally manufactures some products that must meet FAA and/or Department of Defense (military) standards.

The division has an informal affiliation with Asian companies that have factories in P.R. China, for manufacture of power supplies, battery chargers, adapters, and transformers, where labor costs are about 1/20th to 1/30th of the cost of labor in the USA.  With these affiliations, the division is able to compete in the USA marketplace where many of our competitors are now operating under similar importing policies for "commodity" types of products.  In some cases, the division will bring the products into our facilities in Canistota, SD to review the quality and performance before the products are shipped to our customers.

In addition, the division has set up a contract manufacturing arrangement with an Asian company for manufacture of the following:

  • A catalog line of encapsulated, high voltage power transformers for powering ozone generator cells and other similar loads requiring a high voltage of typically 5000 vac to 15,000 vac.

Recent Status of Dynage Electronics & Controls

The latest product development is a sub-system for disinfection of drinking water in point-of-use water dispensing units.  This sub-system employs proprietary methods of diffusing ozone gas into the water for the complete disinfection of the water.  These sub-systems will be sold to manufacturers of point-of-use water coolers and dispenser units.

Dynage Electronics & Controls continues to manufacture and market Flame Scanner products for CE-design types of power generation boilers to companies and Electricity Boards (equivalent to utility companies in USA) in India.

In addition the division continues to provide spares support for the Logic & I/O catalog product line to many utility (power generation) companies in the USA and Puerto Rico where many Burner Control Systems (also FSSS systems) are in operation and use the Dynage logic and I/O cards as building blocks in those critical control systems.

The division also performs design services for design and manufacture of microprocessor-based products and systems where the software code is written by Dynage. 


The manufacturing facilities of the above mentioned Asian companies are substantial so that very large production rates can be accomplished with no problem.

Freight forwarding arrangements are in place for the importing of goods from Asia for delivery to customers in all locations in the USA and Canada.  Also warehouse storage arrangements are available to be able to deliver Asian made products to Dynage customers on a J-I-T basis.


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