A name with 46 years of history!  Battery chargers, high voltage power supplies and transformers, power electronics units for alternative energy systems, dc power supplies, wall plug-in and desktop adapters and power supplies, sub-systems for ozone gas disinfection of water for water dispensing units, flame scanner products, industrial and process control products.

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Manufacturers of:

  • Flame Scanner Products
    • Series D510 and D520 UV type of flame scanner products for power generation boilers using CE/BHEL technology.
    • Safe-Scan Visible Light type of flame scanner products for power generation boilers using CE/BHEL technology.
  • Sub-Systems for Water Disinfection at Point-of-Use with Ozone Gas
    • Pressurized sub-system for disinfection of drinking water with ozone gas for use in water coolers with flow rate of about one (1) liter per minute .
    • Other sub-systems can be offered for applications where a higher water flow rate is required.
  • Custom Design and Manufacture of Microprocessor-based Systems and Products
    • Dynage can custom-design your systems or products where microprocessor-based control with display (optional) and keyboard (optional) are required.
  • Logic & I/O Modules for Industrial Control Applications
    • Dynage M Series Logic and I/O Modules which have been used extensively in power generation boiler burner control (FSSS) applications.


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