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Monday, November 26, 2001

Press Release

Source:  Dynage Power & Magnetics

Dynage Receives Contract for Power Electronics Unit for Wind Turbine Generator

Canistota, SD, November 26, 2001 – Dynage Power & Magnetics, Division of Oakleaf, Inc. announced today that it has received a contract from Atlantic Orient Corporation, Norwich, VT for the design and development of the Power Electronics Unit for a 10 kW wind turbine generator.  This wind turbine generator is being developed by Atlantic Orient Corporation in conjunction with the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) under the Small Wind Turbine Development Project.

The Power Electronics Unit that is being designed and developed by Dynage will: (1) rectify the ac power coming from the permanent magnet generator; (2) provide peak power tracking of the wind generator; (3) provide battery charge control; (4) provide safety protection for the system; and (5) provide information and control to the operator.  The battery charge controller will use advanced technology that, along with the permanent magnet generator, will significantly improve battery-charging performance.

The Power Electronics Unit will be housed in a weather-tight cabinet that will be mounted to the tower structure at the base of the tower of the wind turbine generator.

The “WindLite” 10 kW turbine is a three bladed, upwind, variable speed, direct drive turbine with a rotor diameter of 7.0 meters (23 ft) and a passive furling mechanism for high wind protection.  The turbine nominally produces 9.7 kW at 10.5 meters/ second (23.5 miles per hour) wind speed and is primarily a battery charging machine. However, with the addition of inverters it may be used in grid connected applications.  The “WindLite” turbine will bring a high reliability, high efficiency and cost competitive 10 kW wind turbine to both domestic and foreign markets.

The primary uses for the “WindLite” will be rural/village electrification, battery charging, telecommunications, water pumping, and, if equipped with added inverter power electronics, distributed power generation with retail power offset or net billing with inverter.  The “WindLite” will be an excellent choice for battery charging and producing electricity at remote sites.

Dynage has manufacturing and engineering facilities of approximately 15,000 square feet in Canistota, SD where it has been headquartered since 1987.  The company was previously located in Connecticut and moved to Canistota in 1987.

Dynage is a manufacturer several other products including the following: battery chargers with advanced technology for lead acid, NiCd, NiMH, and NiZn batteries; high voltage power supplies and transformers; low voltage dc power supplies and transformers; wall plug-in and desktop adapters; flame scanners for central station boilers; microprocessor based control systems; and logic and I/O cards for industrial control systems.  The products and company history are described on the company’s web site, www.dynage.com.

1) See below for picture of the wind turbine generator by Atlantic Orient.

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